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Nevena paesler expat coaching

Coaching, training and consulting for internationals aiming to settle in germany

Hi, I am Nevena Paesler
Business, Intercultural and Career Coach

12+ years of corporate expertise and expat life in Germany have inspired me to embark on a mission for more satisfaction, belonging, and better quality of life for expats in Germany.

Do you feel like being happy in Germany is just out of reach?

Does this sound familiar to you?


having high expectations of yourself

Although you have learned the language so well, you are not yet satisfied with your language skills and feel confident working in German.


no time or energy

Besides work and family, there is no time for social contacts, breaks, learning new skills. It’s too dynamic, too stressful, no drive or time. You just feel unbalanced.


difficult to adjust

You may see Germany as an individualistic culture of rules, deadlines, silence, directness, little appreciation for personal opinions, too much emphasis on security and prediction of every life event. Or it is difficult to adapt to the calm and patience of the Germans.


high level of frustration

You feel frustrated by the way how Germans make friends or when neighborhood exchanges don’t work. You don’t want to make more friends with pressure.


difficult to communicate

You are often misunderstood and don’t feel any more confident with your communication, not having the courage to speak your mind. Or sometimes you find it difficult to express what you think, and you don’t want to disappoint anyone or experience rejection.

Within 6-months of intensive support, you can:


become happier and more confident with your life in Germany


feel more connected to the society and culture


expand your intercultural and business knowledge


build your support system


successfully find a job in Germany that matches your qualifications

Yes, Let's start.

Do you sometimes find yourself worrying about whether you will be successful in Germany and feel like you belong?

Do you want to be successful in your job, and feel good with your social and private life in Germany?

Based on my extensive analysis of survey responses from expats, feedback from clients, and social media listening within the expat community, I have found that:

Many expats hold on to the international experience in Germany.
They work in English, enjoy international community, but have difficulty with the system and connecting with Germans. After a few attempts to learn the language, build a social life, they have given up.
Others lack the time, interest, belief in the possibility to feel happy and to connect.
It might be also a lack of desire for change, but often is the cause of discrimination or systemic issues.
Integration is not an easy task either.
Integration is a transformational process, an adaptation, and personal development and during that process, we as internationals, often cope alone with our challenges and stress of everyday life.

You are not alone – this is the everyday life for many expats

Nevena Paesler - About Me

About me

Hi! I’m Nevena.

I’m a certified business and intercultural coach. My vision is more satisfaction, belonging and a better quality of life for internationals in Germany.

I bring my empathy, expertise, experience, and commitment to accompany you with an effective, culturally reflective, and holistic approach. Through my passion for listening to people, encouraging, networking, and implementing promising ideas together, my business has become my vocation.

Through my own expat experiences, I understand the struggles and joys of being an expat in Germany. I came in 2007 after my bachelor’s degree in Bulgaria. The beginning was exciting but challenging in many ways. Today I feel happy and connected – after 12 years of career in Germany in different fields and industries, I found my vocation. I have my own family, and Germany has become my second home.

I am glad I’ve walked this path myself, but through it, I have learned many lessons that became valuable resources I use today to support other expats.

Read more about my qualifications

The following qualifications, professional and life experiences complete my profile as an Intercultural Coach and Trainer. They are the basis for my professional, intercultural, business, personal and psychological competencies.


2023 – Train the Trainer certification (IHK)
An intensive 8-week training to become a certified online and face-to-face trainer.

2022 – Ongoing coaching supervision 
It focuses on further developing my capacity as a coach and it provides a richer and more comprehensive opportunity for support and development

2022 Consilia cct in Frankfurt, Germany
An intensive one-year advanced program to qualify as a certified intercultural and culturally reflective coach.

2021 IfAP – Institut for Applied Psychology, Germany
An intensive one-year program to qualify as a systemic coach, including online coaching practices, based on the standards of the German Federal Coaching Association (DBVC) – the German Coaching Association (DCV).

2010 SHB School of International Business Berlin, Germany
MBA in General Growth Management

2010 Sao Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil
Cross-Cultural Program, part of the MBA

2008 University of Economics in Varna, Bulgaria
Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Economics and Management

2007 University of Economics Katowice, Poland
International Academic Program in International Business

2007 University of Glamorgan, Wales Trinity Saint David
Associate Student in Entrepreneurship, „Starting and Developing a New Enterprise.“

Working Experience

2023 – Intercultural Trainer for international specialists and leaders in Germany in group settings

2022 – Business coach for international specialists and leaders in Germany, more than 200 time hours coaching with 21 clients

2019 – Lecturer M.A/MBA International Management and Globalization, Steinbeis School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) Berlin

2016 – 2019 Global Product Manager Industry Power & Beverage at Hach (Danaher Corporation). Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

2015 – 2015 Head of Product Job Market at GmbH (Axel Springer SE). Location: Cologne, Germany

2010 – 2015 Senior Product Manager at 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH (United Internet AG). Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

2008 – 2010 Project Manager International Marketing at Deutsche Telekom AG. Location: Bonn, Germany

Imagine you could…


feel comfortable living in Germany.


find an exciting job that suits you and your skills.


integrate well in your company and get to know more German colleagues.


feel comfortable with the way you communicate, and your opinion is valued.


be successful in your job whilst having time for yourself, friends, family, hobbies.


be able to speak more confidently in German and finally make progress in working in German.


have German friends who are interested in you and social contacts in your neighborhood.

I aim to provide more satisfaction, belonging, and a better quality of life for Internationals


Individual support

professional, goal-oriented, and reliable

There is no one-size-fits-all solution: depending on your needs, we will find out what is most important for you. In one-to-one sessions you can express all your thoughts and feelings. You work creatively and undisturbed on your topic. We meet virtual, from the comfort of your home or anywhere. Based on your preferences, we can hold the sessions in English, German, or Bulgarian language.

Intercultural & Business Coaching

for step-by-step intensive support over time to work consistently on your goal.

Career Support

for consulting on career orientation, job applications, and networking in Germany. You benefit directly from my intercultural knowledge, experiences, and support.

Interested, but unsure?

Book a free clarity call to find out if I am the right coach for you! You explain to me your concerns, wishes and needs. We discuss all available options and have both 24 hours to think and decide.

Nevena Paesler - Coach in Germany


Hanna Sliashynskaya
Publishing Sector

If you are interested in coaching but have doubts whether to go for it or not, try it out and you will be surprised at how the solution to your problems might come from where you did not expect at all.

I started coaching for finding a job that would suit my personality and professional expertise better, but I soon found that I was impatient and was taking the wrong steps. Nevena helped me get an outsider perspective on my situation and helped me take each tiny step in getting closer to what I wanted to achieve and to a healthier approach to my well-being beyond the professional. I have learnt to look at stressful work and life situations from a personal perspective and evaluate how I would like them to develop with an advantage for myself rather than focusing first on what others want/expect from me. This helped me structure my thoughts better and manage the feelings of anxiety and frustration in developing my future career and at my current position. Nevena prepared me for the long journey ahead and helped me see how many pleasant surprises I will encounter on the journey!

Christian Malarciuc
Sustainability sector (regional)

Nevena succeeded in releasing me from my narrow tunnel view in a very short time due to her calm, structured and empathetic manner.

Nevena supported me professionally in a job-related decision-making issue. At the time of the coaching, I was bothered by many worries, doubts, and a general feeling of difficulty due to inner conflicts. Nevena succeeded in releasing me from my narrow tunnel view in a very short time due to her calm, structured and empathetic manner. She helped me sort out my inner voice and needs and find a solution that suited me. I felt incredibly comfortable and in good hands from the very first second. For me, Nevena combines competence and heart, and I am infinitely grateful to her for the professional guidance and sustainable solutions I was able to work out within our coaching!

Management consultant
Automotive industry (globally positioned)

I was not skeptical about coaching but had never tried it before and only had an experience with a psychologist: I was really impressed by Nevenas efficient approach.

I liked the way Nevena consistently guided me: for example, when I was too far off-topic, Nevena kindly guided me back to the original goal of the session. I also enjoyed the atmosphere she created. Even when the sessions were overwhelming, I still felt „safe“. I was not skeptical about coaching but had never tried it before and only had an experience with a psychologist: I was really impressed by Nevena’s efficient approach.

Global Marketing Manager
Energy sector (globally positioned)

Nevena helped me to recognize what I have within myself and to believe in my visions.

I was in a phase where I wanted to change my career but was not getting anywhere. Nevena helped me to gain more clarity about my wishes and goals and to identify concrete alternative courses of action. With her friendly, calm, and empathetic manner, Nevena creates a trusting and relaxed atmosphere, and I experienced her as very competent and inspiring. She helped me to recognize what I have within myself and to believe in my visions. Thank you very much for your esteem and support. I will be happy to come back any time when new challenges are on the way.

Workshops, programs, and trainings

shared resources, collective support, peer learning

Join the upcoming workshops, programs or training sessions:


Boost Your Confidence in Decision Making in a Situation of Uncertainty

Click here for more details

Sometimes it can be hard to make tough decisions because you might doubt yourself or feel unsure. Other times, when you’re really excited about something, you might only focus on the good things and rush into a decision.

Let’s Strengthen Your Decision-Making Skills in Just Four Steps
1) Clarity call
2) Coaching Session (1) – We’ll look at your situation and reflect on the challenges you face when making decisions
3) One-to-one Workshop – I’ll tailor the workshop to your needs, based on insights from cognitive science, psychology, and behavioral economics. It’s simple, effective, and personalized for you
4) Coaching Session (2) – We’ll make sure the solution ideas are practical for everyday use and create sustainable strategies to achieve the desired results

You’ll get to enjoy:

  • 1 clarity call to review your situation
  • 2 individual coaching sessions
  • 2-hour Decision Making Workshop
  • Working materials between sessions
  • All sessions are virtual via Zoom
  • We’ll set the dates together

Special offer

Sign up today for a clarity call and take advantage of this special offer.

399 EUR (regular 549  EUR)

*After clicking on „Let’s get started!“ you will go to the Decision Making Introduction Page. There you can choose a time slot that works for you.

Expat Training and Coaching header

Expat Coaching Programme in Bonn

A pilot with the goal to make intercultural coaching accessible to expats locally in NRW.


Working with me you will be:

understood and valued

You feel equal and well-understood, having a sparring partner, a like-minded person who has walked a similar path.


gender & culture reflective

If an intercultural, gender, or systemic challenge affects you in any way, you will be able to recognize it quickly and deal with it more confidently.


You get new impulses and coping strategies to be able to deal with your situation. And you will be empowered to think and act in self-determined instead of “what others expect” way.



you get access to resources, trainings, business networks and experts – all appropriately aligned with your goal so you can work more effectively and come up with new ideas quickly.

more self-confident

You can try out new approaches with me as a sparring partner with coaching expertise, business, and life experiences abroad. You broaden your horizon and feel empowered to grow beyond yourself.


working together, you have a protected space in which you can safely speak, think, and work creatively. You can be yourself.


I volunteer with local organizations and projects that support international people in Germany.


A Munich-based NGO that helps internationals to advance professionally and culturally.
Therapists for Ukraine yellow and white

It's complicated

An initiative of therapists and coaches supporting Ukraine refugees.


I am collaborating with PANDA, the Women Leadership Program, as a local ambassador in Bonn.

Upcoming events

karriere tag bonn

Karrieretag in Bonn

Next event: 10.10.2024

As a coaching expert on-site, I offer short coaching sessions on a wide variety of topics related to jobs and careers. For the perfect start, I also help in the application process, e.g., preparing for the interview and possible contract negotiations. Join me again on 10th of October 2024.

Expats Program in Bonn

Expats Programme in Bonn

Next cohort:  2024

We have rolled out the first Coaching and Training Programme for Expats in Bonn. We are grateful for the group of 12 highly motivated and driven international professionals with different cultural backgrounds who joined this programme out of 23 applications last year.
Interested? Apply for the next cohort in 2024!


Expats Local Events in Bonn

Next event: 13.06.2024

We are dreaming of a more thriving expat community in Bonn and working tirelessly towards it! Come with us and be part of the journey!

If you want to exchange ideas about professional networking in Bonn, get expert input about the topic of professional networking in Germany, or boost your career by building your network…THEN THIS BOUTIQUE EVENT IS FOR YOU!


Sticks & Stones

Next event: February 2025

As a business and career coach at the SXS fair, I had the pleasure of running some speed coaching sessions on career counseling, how to stay true to yourself, and making decisions when there is a situation of great uncertainty. Join the next local SXS Event, in Cologne in February 2025.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step“ – Laozi

Are you ready to take the next step? Send me a message.
I’m here to hear more about your needs, concerns, and desires.

9 + 13 =

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